Reaiah True
(Certified Reflexologist)

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the ancient practice/study of the use of acupressure on reflex points in the foot (hands or ears), to help the body shed pain, illness, toxins and stress. As with any practice there are several modes of reflexology.

Sacred Plane Reflexology utilizes the Bear Heart Vibrational Reflexology modality. The basis of this facet focuses on the fact that everything has a frequency or ‘vibration’. Using the frequency of essential oils based on the client’s current needs, rolling motions of the practitioner’s finger pad, as well as the intention to assist the body in healing itself, the recipient of the session feels various levels of adjustment. Namely, a river of relaxation rushes over you that let’s many fall asleep during the session. The client is sure to leave the office feeling refreshed. Some reflexes are more sensitive than other ones. During a session, one may feel a pinch where the trapped energy releases back into flow. Feel free to let the practitioner know if you need more or less pressure applied, if you feel the need. In addition to the reflex points on the feet, the practitioner works on the lymph from just below the knee (at shins) atop the foot. {Essential oils have ultra-fine molecular structure that are small enough even to cross the blood-brain barrier. Therefore, communication is improved throughout the entire bodily system. Three of the most desirable benefits of essential oils are through the molecules built of “isoprene units” classified as “terpenes”. The phenols and phenylpropanoids clean receptor sites on cells. Monoterpenes reprogram miswritten information in the cellular memory (DNA). Sesquiterpenes deliver oxygen to cells.} Paraphrase from Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart, Ph.D.

During the recap of the session (where we discuss what reflexes needed specific attention), the client and practitioner drink water to further assist the flush of toxins, prevent re-absorption of toxins and soreness. It is vital for the recipient to drink plenty of water for the remainder of the day. The continued use of other suggested home practices may further assist in added benefits in addition to the reflexology session.

How Often Should I Have A Reflexology Session?

As we know, every person is as a snowflake… similar but unique. Frequency of receiving reflexology sessions is based entirely on individual need. In one case of acute neurological damage, weekly sessions were necessary until bi-weekly sessions were more appropriate with progress. For those in good health, once-a-month for optimal maintenance or every 6- to 8-weeks is helpful along with healthful, balanced diet, proper water intake, exercise, etc. to live well, live strong.

What Else Do We Recommend?

Reflexology is a supplemental treatment. The practitioner does not diagnose, does not do spinal or joint manipulation, and acknowledges the client’s need to see their primary care physician. There are so many wonderful ways to stay and/or get healthy. If you have not yet done research into food and nutritional value today, do. A couple of my favorite doctor references have come from: Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Dr. Rema Laiblow and www.curezone.com. Consider adding an enjoyable past-time to your schedule; volunteer – find a way to give of yourself to your neighborhood or community. Dedicate time to figure out what good you can bring to the common table of our shared human existence. Give thanks! Every day we are given is a blessing. Live with Purpose

First Session ( 1.5 hours = $90 ).
Other sessions 1 hour unless otherwise spec. $60.